…10 (not so serious) ways in which my life has improved since ditching booze!

That’s right! It’s list time. I ruddy well love a good list…

Some of my posts are ‘serious’ stuff and that’s fine, sobriety/addiction/mental health are aspects of my life I take seriously however there are some NOT so serious but still intriguing elements to a life off the ole sauce. So I shall list them. Because lists are fun. Lists.


  1. My breath smells better. Yep, that’s right. No more boozy fag breath. I don’t know about anyone else but excess alcohol led to smoking forty fags in one night and stumbling to a kebab house for some chips and cheese. Not good for snogging.
  2. You will lose weight! Yep, I am slimmer and trimmer. The calories from booze and the chips and cheese stop offs take their toll, so as soon as you cut that out the pounds fall off.
  3. BYE BYE HANGOVERS! It’s an obvious one but it’s a goddamn good one people! Instead of spending the day eating copious amounts of beef flavoured crisps and watching Homeward Bound on repeat crying into vomit filled washing up bowls; I now wake up all fresh like a Disney princess and float around the house singing songs to woodland animals.
  4. I own more pairs of shoes. Yes, that is correct; shoes. I used to have a strange drunk ritual of ending my night by throwing my shoes into the Marina where I live, or leaving my shoes under pub tables. I don’t do that now.
  5. I am not crusty anymore. You see, a life going from one ‘session’ to the next meant there was not much room for cleansing, toning and moisturising ones face…in fact it was much quicker to leave last nights makeup on and just ‘top it up’ for the next evening  shenanigans. My eyeliner was so thick you could see it from space. Fact. I had a pale. crustaceous, fatigued appearance I just thought made me look rock star chic. It didn’t. I looked crusty. There is a reason I was called “Crusty Hughes”.
  6. I used to be good at table football. Now I am GREAT at table football. Seriously. I- am-the-best.
  7. I understand that a conversation is not me shouting my opinions at people, waiting for them to get whatever they have to say out of the way before I can continue shouting my opinions at them. Honestly woman! Shut up! I definitely sit back a lot more these days but it’s nice to actually listen and observe. My drunk self did not like taking a back seat.
  8. I no longer think so little of myself that I am happy being ‘the mess’ of the group. I am not ‘the mess’ and refused to be defined in that way by my own brain. YOU LIVE –IN ME– BRAIN! I AM THE BOSS!
  9. My tights last longer. No more buying a pair a day only to return home at 4am with holes and rips all over the buggers and no idea how it happened…*cough* climbing trees *cough*
  10. I sleep in my own bed. The floor, spare room, bathroom floor, spare room floor, laid on top of hair straighteners on the floor, a bush, a bench….those used to be the most common places in which I laid my crusty head. Now I have a king size bed with cushions and everything and it’s chuffing wonderful!

…So there you have it!

If ya fancy it leave me a comment if you can think of any not so serious, but cool benefits of the sober life!


Author: noboozehughes

I am a Lincoln girl with a love for all things creative. I play guitar, I write songs, I draw pictures and I also abstain from alcohol. All of the things I have accomplished are thanks to taking my own self care and mental health into my own hands.

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